Wollangambe Wilderness Canyons

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Luna Park Canyon

A number of canyons flow into the south branch of Bungleboori Creek from the south. Luna Park is probably the best of these. It is long with quite a few abseils.

Four Dope Canyon

This canyon and Dead Tree Canyon flow into Bungleboori South Branch from the north in its middle reaches. Of the two - this one is better quality.

Above - John Robens abseiling into the canyon

A short way upstream in Bungleboor Creek is this fine arch

Steep Creek

Two canyon tributaries further downstream are Bjelkes Mind and Steep Creek. Both offer far better canyon experiences than the canyons further west. Steep Creek has a large number of short abseils down a slot that gets better the further you go down it.

Bungleboori Creek - North Branch

Compared to its south branch, the north branch of Bungleboori Creek offers a greater number and more impressive canyons. The main north branch is also a canyon in its own right.

Above - Canyon high up in one of the small upper tributaries of the north branch

Hole in the Wall Canyon

This is a very beautiful and photogenic canyon. It is fairly straightforward to do. There are two sections of canyon separated by a half hour walk down a nice gorge. The upper constriction, in the Banks Wall layer of sandstone is particularly fine - deep, dark and very narrow. So narrow that most swims can be bridged.

Above - the lower constriction starts with a short climb down (or waterjump) and this short abseil. Below lies a tunnel with a narrow section. Glow worms can usually be seen. It is easy to climb over the tunnel from just below the bottom of the abseil, and indeed the abseil can be bypassed by scrambling on the true left and descending down onto the top of the tunnel.

Above - John Robens on the second abseil. Below this abseil - is a very nice section of canyon

Above - Chuin Nee Ooi - at the Hole in the Wall - the creeks junction with Bungleboori Creek North Branch.

Banks Canyon

This canyon is very close to Hole in the Wall Canyon but joins the north branch on the other (north) side. It is unusual in that the main section of canyon is in the upper (Banks Wall formation) layer of sandstone. This upper constriction has one or two abseils and a few tricky obstacles and also some swims. The lower part of the canyon - where the creek cuts through the Burramoko formation - is fairly dull - two abseils.

Froth and Bubble Canyon

Not a long or technical canyon - but quite attractive

Above - Rob Hynes on the short abseil into the canyon.

Crikey Canyon

Crikey Canyon is one for canyon connoisseurs. It is deep and very dark and quite sustained. Many of its half a dozen or so abseils, are in a tunnel section and have tricky starts. It is a wet and cold canyon. It is probably the best canyon in the northern section of the Wollangambe Wilderness. Like Bell Creek and Dumbano Creek it is a difficult canyon to photograph in natural light.

Above - Looking down the first abseil. The tunnel section starts at the next abseil - in the middle of the photo

Nayook Creek

There are a number of canyons which flow into Nayook Creek and Nayook Creek itself has a short canyon section. Probably the best of these tributaries would be Sandy Cave Creek (which also has canyon tributaries and a long section of canyon). In the headwaters of Nayook Creek is the easy and beautiful Deep Pass Canyon.

Deep Pass Canyon

This attractive canyon flows into Nayook Creek at Deep Pass Clearing (Deep Pass itself is the deep saddle on the ridge to the south). It can be walked up from the clearing and old logs span any swims.

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