Newnes Plateau - The Pagoda Canyons

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This plateau lies north of Lithgow, west of the pine forests and south of the wide section of the Wolgan Valley. It is basically to the west of the Glow Worm Tunnel Road. Part of this area lies in Gardens of Stone National Park.

Many of the canyons in this area are dry and can be visited during winter. One example is "The Dry Canyon" near the Glow Worm Tunnel Road. It is very easy to access and equally easy to visit. It has two sections of constriction - the lower one is quite dark. Some other impressive canyons are nearby. Further west on the main part of the plateau - near Birds Rock are to be found some quite remarkable canyons.

Above - Pagodas. Between them is a narrow canyon

Bells Grotto

Above - this is the canyon near the Glow Worm Tunnel. In the days of the railway - passengers walked up this canyon to avoid the smoky tunnel

The Dry Canyon

A very easy walk through canyon - but one well worth visiting.

Above - another dry canyon

Above - this canyon is almost dry - it has one deep cold pool.

Above - another easy spectacular canyon. This one features a series of large round chambers

Above - this slot is more technical - with a few abseils

Above - looking down on the slot

Above - another short narrow slot

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