South Wolgan

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This includes the creeks that flow into Deanes Creek, Rocky Creek and Annie Rowan Creek - all major tributaries of the Wolgan, and some smaller creeks that flow into the Wolgan itself.

There are a variety of canyons. Some are long, dark, wet and horizontal such as Rocky Creek Canyon. Many involve multiple abseils. Probably the best of the South Wolgan Canyons are Rocky Creek, Contradiction and Surefire Canyons. There are many canyons in this area (at least 30) - some not so well known.

The River Caves Canyon

An easy walk though canyon - with no swims. Quite attractive. This canyon lies in Budgary Creek close to the Natural Bridge.

Rocky Creek Canyon

Rocky Creek has two sections of canyon. The upper part is now known as Sheep Dip Canyon and includes an abseil. Many visitors often enter the system via a side creek - a short canyon known as Twister Canyon. This is a good example of a sporting canyon as it features many waterjumps and slides (all optional). The lower constriction of Rocky Creek features a long section of sustained horizontal canyon - perhaps as impressive as the one in Claustral Canyon.

Above - Dave Forbes cools off with a waterjump in Twister Canyon - a popular way into Rocky Creek

Tigersnake Canyon

A short but spectacular canyon that is popular all the year round. It is fairly dry. It has two distinct constrictions in each of the sandstone layers.

Above - Dave Forbes about to scramble into the upper constriction

Above - Dave showing the way to get down the next drop - some exposed but easy scrambling and bridging is needed

Above - Chuin Nee Ooi abseiling into the lower  constriction

Above - Anya shows how narrow the canyon is in one section

Above - this canyon is less well known but is also very narrow

Surefire Canyon

Galah Canyon

Heart Attack Canyon

Above - Compare the two images of the first abseil (in the lower constriction) The first of Keith Maxwell was taken in 1976 and the lower one in 2007. There seems to have been some changes in the water path.

Above - Rob Hynes abseiling in a more remote lesser known canyon in this area. There are a lot of canyons in the South Wolgan that do not have many visitors.

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