Glen Davis

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Like Newnes, Glen Davis is an abandoned shale mining town and a major canyoning area.  It is not as popular as Newnes because it is more remote. Many of the creeks that flow into the Capertee River near and downstream of Glen Davis have impressive canyons. They range from creeks that have long sections of very narrow, dark and wet, horizontal canyon to those that have many (eg 14) abseils.

This area of the canyons is wilderness and it is fitting that they are not described in detail.


Above - this canyon is long and horizontal with a nice tunnel section

Above - this canyon is also mainly horizontal - but is a lot wetter - with many swims

Above - this canyon provides a good contrast - it is short and vertical

Above - this canyon is longer but narrower. Very narrow indeed!

Above - This canyon features many abseils

Above - Another canyon that features many abseils - perhaps more than a dozen

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