Southern Grose Canyons

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This area contains some of the first canyons to be visited such as The Grand Canyon and Arethusa Canyon which both feature very nice sections of canyon. The Grand canyon with its easy access (a tourist track goes along a ledge perched on an intermediate level above the canyon) is a popular canyon for novice canyoners. It is quite spectacular in its own right and is reasonably sustained. It has one main abseil and a long cold swim near the end.

Further west, Hat Hill Creek, Crayfish Creek and their tributaries contain some marginal canyons.

Arethusa Canyon and its tributary Alphius Canyon, and the nearby Fortress Creek are well worth visiting. However, many would regard Mt Hay Canyon as one of best canyons available. It is short but deep and spectacular.

There are canyon sections in Wentworth Creek and some of its tributaries contain canyons of varying quality. Most of these canyons are quite short in length.

Grand Canyon

Jugglers Canyon

Explored relatively recently - this short canyon joins Grand Canyon, below its constriction.

Fortress Creek Canyon

Mt Hay Canyon

Above - Looking down the main drop in Mt Hay Canyon

Above - Abseil off the chockstone in Mt Hay Canyon

Above - Canyoner in Mt Hay Canyon

Emerging from the slot in Mt Hay Canyon

Arethusa Canyon

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