Newnes Area Canyons

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A number of quite impressive canyons are to be found on the plateau north of Newnes and on Island Mountain to the south of Newnes.

Amongst the best of these include Newnes Canyon (also known as Starlight Canyon) which features a long section (300m) of dark tunnel (The Amazing Wallaby Tunnel) and the nearby Devil's Pinch and Pipeline Canyons.

Devils Pinch Canyon

Above - Dave Forbes on the first abseil down a deep slot

Above - the second abseil

Above - Looking down the main abseil

Pipeline Canyon

Newnes Canyon

Above - this canyon has one abseil - into the start of a long tunnel section. Glow worms are often seen in the tunnel (The "Amazing Wallaby Tunnel")

Above - there are many lesser known canyons in the Newnes area. This is one that is often visited by bushwalkers.

Looking Glass Canyon

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