Northern Grose

Compared to the richness of the Carmarthen Canyons - the other creeks on the northern side of the Grose are all surprisingly fairly poor. Some of the major creeks such as Birribang - are not canyons - although they have attractive section of gorge. My personal favorites would be Dalpura and Koombandah.

Dalpura Canyon

One of the best of these canyons is Dalpura. It has some short attractive sctions of canyon and minimal swims. The exit route - via the ridge to the west offers a very good wild flower display in late spring (October and November).

Above - Mary Merlo on the single abseil in Dalpura Canyon. At the bottom it is possible to swing into shallow water.

Magnifying Glass Canyon

Sarcophagus Canyon

Yileen Canyon

Koombandah Canyon

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