Bowens Creek Canyons

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Bowens Creek lies between the Carmarthen Canyons and the canyons of the Wollangambe Wilderness near Mt Wilson. The creek features two long branches that both contain canyon sections starting high up and continue to the junction and then further downstream. The best trips start high up in one of the two branches and continue to the junction or below. Both branches contain canyon tributaries of varying quality.

Above - Canyoners above Bowens Creek

Bowens Creek - South Branch

Probably the more spectacular of the two branches and certainly the far longer canyon. The constricted sections begin very high in the headwaters and continues almost all the way to the junction. Some parties begin part way down, go for a short distance and then climb out missing a lot of what the creek has to offer. Because the creek flows from west to east - the creek has very few abseils. Quite a few of the drops can be climbed down.

Bowens Creek - North Branch

Some parties enter the creek lower down and only visit a very short constriction immediately upstream on the junction. This is a shame as they would miss out on at least 70% of the canyon. Enter the creek high up is the best advice.

Lower Section

Not many people visit the lower section below the junction. This is a shame as the canyon continues in an attractive fashion.

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