Carmarthen Labyrinth Canyons

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The greater Carmarthen Canyon area includes some of the most popular canyons. The trilogy - Claustral, Thunder and Ranon canyons are all deep, dark and spectacular. Nearby are two other canyons - King George Canyon and Burramin Canyon (Explorer's Brook).

Claustral Canyon is perhaps the archetypical canyon. It has a short walk in and out, starting from the same point - and so is very popular. It also features waterjumps, tricky downclimbs, many swims and three abseils right down waterfalls. Its proximity to Mt Tomah means that it usually has more water going down it than many other canyons with similar sized catchments. The main constriction is about 1 km long and is very sustained. The nearby Thunder Canyon features a constriction that if anything is deeper and darker - but not as long. This system is a major highlight of the Blue Mountains sandstone canyons.

Buramin Canyon

King George Canyon

Thunder Canyon

Above - The "Tunnel Swim" - in the constriction below the Claustral junction

Above - Looking back up Thunder Canyon from near Rainbow Ravine

Above - Swim in the lower part of Thunder Canyon - below Rainbow Ravine junction

Ranon Brook

Claustral Canyon

Above - Chuin Nee Ooi on the first abseil (in high water)

Above - John Robens on the second abseil (in high water)

Above - Regina Schwering on the third abseil

Above - Looking up the third abseil from below

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