South Head, The Gap and Sunset at Dudley Page Reserve – 18 September 2017

Roughly a year ago, I had visited Dudley Page Reserve for some sunset photography and that had been worthwhile. It was the right time of the year for the unto set behind the buildings of the city. So, I thought it may be worth another visit.

This time, I also visited South Head and The Gap. I caught a ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay. From the wharf, it a short walk to The Gap and a slightly longer one to South Head. 

I was hoping to spot some whales. But I was not lucky. I did see a number of whale watching boats leave the harbour and head out through the heads. Then they kept on going – way out to see. If there were whales travelling down the coast, then they were too far out for me to spot, even with binoculars.

But, it is always a pleasant walk down the Coastal Walkway, past the Gap and then past the Naval Communications structure to Macquarie Lighthouse. The cliffs along here are always great to see.

I called in to the Grumpy Bakers for afternoon coffee before continuing my walk to Dudley Page Reserve. I arrived with about an hour to wait for sunset.

This is a popular place for people to walk their dog or go for a run. There are also other people waiting for sunset, some also with cameras.

Here is a sequence of photos before sunset –

More photos are online here on my website.

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  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    Hi David, Red-capped Robin is very unusual in central Sydney – there have been a scattering of sighting in the recent weeks along the NSW coast probably due to dry weather inland. Do you mind if I report it to Birdline NSW?

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