South Head Walk – 26 September 2016

Last week I headed out to North Head, so I thought that this week I would visit South Head. Both areas are wishing Sydney harbour National Park, but South Head is a lot smaller. So to extend the walk I would continue along the Coastal Track to Dudley Page Reserve to photograph the sunset.


I caught the 3:10 pm ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay, and from there it is a short walk to Camp Cove and the path to South Head. I walked to the Hornby Lighthouse and the a short loop and back to Camp Cove.

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Next, I walked to The Gap for more views and continued along the Coastal Walkway past the old Signal Battery and then to Macquarie Lighthouse. At Diamond Bay, I left the walkway and headed straight to Dudley Page Reserve.

sh26sep16-7 sh26sep16-6 sh26sep16-8

Earlier, I had used the SunCalc page, and it showed that the sun should set at this time of the year behind the buildings of the city centre. But that does not guarantee a good sunset. Also – during the afternoon it had been clouding up. Clouds are needed for a good sunset but too many would block the sun. As it turned out, there were enough gaps in the clouds to make for quite a satisfactory sunset.

sh26sep16-9 sh26sep16-10 sh26sep16-11 sh26sep16-12 sh26sep16-13 sh26sep16-14

Near the park is a bus stop, and I did not have long to wait for a bus to Bondi Junction station.


More photos from the afternoon are on my website here.

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  1. South Head is a beautiful spot.

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