Tasmania - Traverse of the King William Range, Spires and Prince of Wales Range - Jan - Feb 1977

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Section 2 - Windy Lake - Mt Curly - The Spires - Denison River

We had been out 5 days so far - traversing the King William Range. Our last camp had been on the Gell River. We spent the morning of the sixth day climbing Permabulator Ridge.

Above - View from Perambulator Ridge loking towards Mt Curly and Lake Curly

Above - Looking west towards the Spires

Above - Conical Peak and Windy Lake. We picked up our first airdrop from the ridge above the lake

Above - Ian with one of the three airdrop bags strapped on his pack - at the Windy Lake campsite. The weather deteriorated fast - so we spent the afternoon in the tents.

The next day we were again stormbound. The day after that - the weather started off bad - but it improved enough for us to head out on a side trip to Lake Curly and Mt Curly

Above - Looking down to Lake Curly

Above - Ian on the beautiful beach of Lake Curly

Above - Looking up at our next objective - Mt Curly

Above - The peak had two summits - we were not sure which was highest - so we climbed them both

We got back to Windy Lake for lunch - and then packed up and headed off for the Spires

Above - Ian climbing up onto Conical Mountain

Above - Ian on top of Conical Mountain. Lookingtowards Lake Curly and Mt Curly and on the far left - Wylds Crag and on the far right - the peaks of the Denison Range

Above - Looking towards the Spires

Above - Ian on the misty tops

Above - Ian on the ridge to Shining Mountain

Above - Peter and Ian on Shining Mountain looking towards the Spires

Above - Our next campsite at the Font - a beautiful small lake in the Spires

It was a nice place - but we spent the next two days in the tents - stormbound

Above - Dawn from the Font - the weather was improving

Above - Peter looking back down to the Font. The two tents can be seen to the right of the lake

Above - This colorful streak on the rock is called the "Flame"

Above - Peter looking back down to the Font

Above - Ian and Peter on the tops of the Spires. We did a long daywalk south over False Dome, The Camel and the White Pyramid to Southern Cone

Above - Ian on the tops

Above - looking back

Above - The White Pyramid

Above - looking back (north) from the White Pyramid

Above - Looking south to Southern Cone

Above - Looking north from Southern Cone.

Above - Dave on the summit of Southern Cone. We reached the summit at 3:30pm and got back to the Font at 7:30pm. It had been a great daywalk through truly magnificent country - involving routefinding and scrambling and some scrub

The next day - we headed off and followed leads to the Denison River.

Above - Peter in rainforest on the banks of the Denison River - where we camped.

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