Tasmania - Traverse of the King William Range, Spires and Prince of Wales Range - Jan - Feb 1977

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Section 1 - King William Range Traverse - Gell River

We hitched up the Lyell Highway from Hobart to the base of the King William Range - where we camped. The next morning the weather was bad - so we waited till after lunch before climbing onto the range.

Above - Ian looking up to the range

Above - Once on the tops, after climbing King William I - Ian and myself also climbed Mts Pitt and Milligan

Above - Ian and Peter at the tents of our first campsite in the range

The next day - the weather was bad that morning - and again we didn't set off till after lunch.

Above - We camped in a big saddle on the range

Above - Then it was an easy climb up to near Mt King William II

Above - Again on the tops - looking towards King William II

Above - Ian walking on the tops. Behind you can see Mt King William I and Mt Olympus

Above - On the tops

Above - Dusk - looking towards Frenchmans Cap

Above - Dusk - The distant tops of the Prince of Wales Range and the needle of Diamond Peak

Above - Our campsite

Above - The Prince of Wales Range from King William III

Above - The Spires from King William III

Above - Lakes below the range

Above - Peter on the range

Then it was a few hours of scrub to get to open buttongrass leads on the plains below

Above - Our next campsite - a nice place near the base of the range

Above - Next morning we headed to this airstrip - built by a prospector. A nasty scar on the landscape! From here we followed a bombadier track to the Gell River.

Above - Peter and Ian on the Gell River

Above - In buttongrass near the Gell River

Above - Peter looking up to nearby peaks

Above - Our campsite near the Gell River

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