Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 6 - Kerin Forks - Wilkin Vally - Jumboland - Top Forks

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This was a fairly easy day walking up the river to the Top Forks

Above - Chuin Nee photographing the Wilkin River

Above - walking up the Wilkin Valley

Above - I've no idea what this strange plant is

Above - a small stream

Above - lichen (lots of lichen!)

Above - Mt Aeolus

Above - beech forest

Above - Chuin Nee in the forest

Above - Wonderland Stream joins the main river

Above - at Jumboland - a good place to stop for lunch - and for John to catch up with his reading.

Above - Mt Perseus

Above - Chuin Nee on the riverbank

Above - looking up to Top Forks

Above - John on the flats - but not for much longer. We took the high river option and went over the small hill on the left.

Above - Top Forks huts - we occupied the newer hut and later, Denise and Marco occupied the older hut. We were the only parties in the area - and it was an amazing place to be in.

Above - boulders and grass in the river bed

Above - relaxing on the hut deck

Above - and the view - the bottom slopes of Mt Pollux

Above - Mt Pollux

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