Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 7 - Top Forks - Daytrip to Lake Diana, Lake Lucidus and Lake Castalia

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On this day we went on a most scenic side-trip up the north branch of the Wilkin River to visit some alpine lakes.

Above - dawn - sun on Mt Pollux

Above - Mt Pollux (after breakfast)

Above - Mt Castor (on the far right) and Mt Pollux

Above - Looking up the valley to the right of Mt Castor - where we were going

Above - Chuin Nee crossing the south branch

Above - ripple marks in the sand

Above - Chuin Nee keeping the important parts dry.... on the next crossing

Above - the Disappearing Tarn

Above - Chuin Nee photographing

Above - reflections

Above - John decided to cool off

Above - John joins in the photo-pfaffing

Above - Lake Diana

Above - John with an interesting lateral moraine behind

Above - Chuin Nee at Lake Diana

Above - Chuin Nee at Lake Diana

Above - Chuin Nee heading up to the valley to Lake Lucidus

Above - Lake Lucidus - it looks nice but too cold for a swim.

Above - Mt Juno towering above

Above - we continue up this nice valley

Above - Gentiana bellidifolia

Above - heading up the valley

Above - Mt Castor

Above - Mountain Daisy (Celmisia semicordata)

Above - Chuin Nee on another river crossing

Above - the final part - up this rocky section

Above - John

Above - Lake Castalia

Above - cliffs surround much of the lake - and this one had plenty of waterfalls

Above - waterfalls

Above - wild flower - perhaps Willow Herb (Epilobium macropus) ?

Above - Lake Castalia

Above - wild flowers

Above - more daisies - perhaps Celmisia sessiliflora?

Above - wild flowers

Above - more daisies - different to those above

Above - John admires the view

Above - looking towards the South Branch - where we will be heading the next day

Above - Rob heading back down the valley

Above - Chuin Nee

Above - ferns

Above - always impressive - Castor and Pollux tower above

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