Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 5 - Siberia Hut to Kerin Forks

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This was a wet day. Heavy falls were forecast (Siberia Hut had a warden, Dove - and each morning and evening he would be in radio contact - and then bring us the good or bad news)

Above - we set off down the Siberia Valley

Above - looking back up

Above - the track is very well benched - high up above a gorge

Above - At Kerin Forks - we try and find a safe place to cross - but with no luck

Above - John looking downstream

Above - the four of us (Chuin Nee, Rob, John (obscured) and me) crowd into a small tent to sit out the rain and to avoid the sandflies - while we wait for a jetboat due later that afternoon. Dove had told us that for $15 each the driver would take trampers across.

Above - bluffs above the river

Above - on the jetboat - waving goodbye to other trampers that are returning back to Makaroa after we have crossed

Above - It is still raining. We head to Kerin Forks Hut. Once inside we get a fire going - get out of our wet gear - and then the sun comes out and it fines up (and stays fine for the rest of our trip)

Above - mist above the valley

Above - Chuin Nee photographing near the Wilkin River

Above - flax

Above - the Wilkin River

Above -detail

Above - flax

Above - beech trees

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