Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 4 - Siberia Valley and Crucible Lake

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Above - early on we see this rainbow - does that mean the weather is improving? We will see.

Above - at the hut - Rob talks to Denise and Marco - who are doing the same walk as we did - and we would see again on the trip.

Above - Chuin Nee crossing a small stream near the hut. We head off towards Crucible Lake - not sure that we will be able to cross all the streams on the way.

Above - John

Above - the weather is not exactly encouraging either....

Above - glacial erratics in the river valley

Above - John finds a damp patch

Above - on the river flats

Above - John and Chuin Nee crossing Gillespie Stream

Above - continuing up the valley

Above - looking back towards the lower part of Gillespie Pass

Above - our route lay up the steep spur to the right (true left) of this creek

Above - Rob and Chuin Nee just about to leave the river flats

Above - strawberry fungus

Above - strawberry fungus

Above - ferns

Above - Chuin Nee climbing up the spur

Above - strawberry fungus

Above - we had to cross this stream - the outlet of Crucible Lake - it looked quite difficult - so we looked upstream for an easier place.

Above - John watches as Chuin Nee leaps over the first part

Above - we continue on

Above - nearing the lake - which is behind the moraine wall

Above - looking back down

Above - Crucible Lake - with icebergs

Above - at the lake

Above - icebergs

Above - at the lake

Above - the source of the icebergs - this small glacier below Mt Alba

Above - crags above the lake

Above - crags above the lake

Above - Chuin Nee shelters from the rain in this small cave

Above - crags above the lake

Above - moss and lichen

Above - iceberg

Above - almost a flower

Above - crags above the lake

Above - crags above the lake

Above - Looking down

Above - I think this one is Anisotome haastii

Above - Dracophyllum menziesii - which looks a lot too me like a Richea (eg Richea dracophylla)

Above - Dracophyllum menziesii

Above - Chuin Nee and John

Above - another species of Dracophyllum

Above - Mountain Daisies (Celmisia semicordata)

Above - Mt Cook Lilies (Ranunculus lyallii)

Above - on the way back down

Above - not sure what this flower is (native?)

Above - crossing back over - Chuin Nee and John

Above - Chuin Nee

Above - one last leap!

Above - a small bird

Above - back down on the flats

Above - John and Chuin Nee crossing the Siberia Stream

Above - John crossing Gillespie Stream

Above - John on the flats

Above - John on the flats

Above- Chuin Nee crossing a stream

Above - back at the hut - looking up the valley

Above - river cobbles

Above - river cobbles

Above - Siberia Stream - lower now - but more rain was forecast for the next day....

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