M7  Ride - 22 May 2010

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Rider - Dave

After having riden bit of the M7 cycleway on the preseeding weekends - I was keen to explore the rest of it. I started out along the Cooks River Cycleway and went to Homebush, then out to Homebush Bay and along the Parramatta River Cycleway to Parramatta. Then I went to Parramatta Park and continued along the cycleway to Old Windsor Rd to pick up the M7. This part of the ride was 40km. Then it was about another 40km along the M7 Cycleway - including a short detour to a scenic hill for lunch. I went home via the M5 - riding on the on-road cyclelane till King George Road - then I went along the off road cycleway, then through Earlwood to pick up the Cup and Saucer Ck Cycleway and then back a short way along the Cooks River. The whole ride was about 110km.

A Google Map of the gps log of the ride can be found here.

Profiles and other data here.

Other links

The M7 Cycleway pamphlet

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Above - the Cooks River, near the start of my ride at Dulwich Hill

Above - Parramatta River from Silverwater Bridge

Above - the cycleway to Parramatta - through industrial areas

Above - Parramatta Park entrance gate

Above - the cycleway to get to Old Windsor Rd and the M7. Above it is the T Way (hmm... almost empty of buses, and no traffic lights or cross streets.....)

Above - on the M7 cycleway

Above - at the Light Horse Interchange

Above - crossing the M4

Above - on the M7 cycleway

Above - on the M7 cycleway

Above - on the M7 cycleway

Above - View of the city from Sugarloaf Ridge Picnic Area, 1.3km from the cycleway, and in Western Sydney Regional Park.

Above - looking north you can see the cycleway from Canley Vale to Prospect Reservoir

Above - cyceway bridge over the M7

Above - Back home - the Cooks River from near Dulwich Hill. It is sunny and the tide is higher.

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