Hawkesbury River Bike Trip - 12 - 13 September 2009

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Riders - Stu, Enmoore, Su Li, Albert, Kim, Dave

Day 1 - Narrara - Mangrove Mtn - Bedlam Hill - Spencer - Wisemans Ferry

Photos from Day 2 can be found on this page

A Google Map of the ride can be found here. Google Earth images and a GPS altitude profile can be found here.

Albert has his photos on this page

Su Li has her photos on this page

Above - Su Li at the top of the first uphill part of the trip

Above - Resting at the top of the hill

Above - we saw an awesome display of Gymea Lillys

Above - heading towards Mangrove Mountain

Above - Kim

Above - checking the map and notes

Above - we enjoy some fresh passion fruit

Above - Icecream break at Mangrove Mountain

Above - After a fast descent down Bedlam Hill - we arrive at Mangrove Creek

Above - Mangrove Creek

Above - Lunch at Spencer

Above - Kim has lunch

Above - further along the river - a bushfire

Above - on the road

Above - we wait at traffic lights

Above - Su Li

Above - Stu just misses the ferry at Wisemans

Above - Stu and Su Li make it over on the next ferry

Above - Su Li photo-pfaffing

Above - Late afternoon - at the river

Above - The two wise men?

Above - we head back to the pub. We stayed at the pub overnight.

Above - Kim and Albert

Above - Su Li

Above - Su Li's food arrives....

Above - dinner at the pub.

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