Boxing Day Canyoning Trip  - 26 - 28 December 2015

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Party - Wendy, Dave

We spent three very enjoyable days canyoning in the Northern Blue Mountains. The weather was quite cool - so we visited fairy dry canyons on each day.

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Day 1 - The Dry Canyon

We first set up camp at one of the campsites above the canyon. The weather was threatening to rain.

Above - Lots of Hyacinth Orchids about near the Dry Canyon. Most, like this, were Dipodium roseum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid - I think this is Dipodium punctatum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium punctatum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium roseum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium roseum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium roseum

Above - aboriginal hand stencil

Above - I'm not sure what this structure coming out of the small rock orchid is

Dry Canyon - Upper Constriction

Above - the canyon provided some shelter from the rain

Above - Wendy could stay still for this long exposure - but the fern couldn't.

Dry Canyon - Lower Constriction

The rain created quite a nice atmosphere in the canyon - softening the light for photography.

We then climbed out of the canyon between the two constrictions and walked out towards the escarpment. On the way you can get some amazing views of the end of the canyon.

Above - Back at camp, this frog visited us in the evening. It was about 6 cm long.

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