Boxing Day Canyoning Trip  - 26 - 28 December 2015

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Party - Wendy, Dave

We spent three very enjoyable days canyoning in the Northern Blue Mountains. The weather was quite cool - so we visited fairy dry canyons on each day.

Day 2 - Pagodas, Canyons, Glow Worms and Beetles

Above - Rock formations on top of the pagodas

Above - Wendy admires the view

Above - Lots of pagodas

Above - the rock formations are very delicate. To visit these places you have to be extremely careful to avoid breaking the brittle rock.

Canyon 1

Above - Wendy about to abseil into the canyon

Above - Beautiful in the canyon!

Above - Wendy on the second abseil

Glow Worms at the Glow Worm Tunnel

Above - A lot of people were visiting the tunnel - most walked straight past with their torches fully on. The missed the glow worms.

Canyon 2

Above - Wendy looking down the final drop in this canyon. We had intended to climb down this canyon and then explore another nearby one from the bottom. However we were stopped by this drop. It used to be easy to climb up and down. Something has changed making it much harder.

Above - A huge mass of ants. Perhaps moving nest?

Back at Camp at the Dry Canyon

Above - Plague Soldier Beetles - Chauliognathus lugubris. These often appear in huge numbers - mainly to mate. See this link.

Above - this centipede climbed out of the fireplace

Above - Our campsite. This cave was handy to shelter in when it rained.

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium roseum

Above - Masses of the Plague Soldier Beetles in the tea tree

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium punctatum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium punctatum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid -  Dipodium punctatum

Above - Omphalina umbellifera

Above - Metallic Jewel Bug - Scutiphora pedicellata. Quite a few of these were about and seemed to be attracted to the Plague Soldier Beetles.

Above - Metallic Jewel Bug - Scutiphora pedicellata

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