Thunder Canyon - 15 March 2008

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Party - John, Chuin Nee, Stacey, Col, Kate, Dave

Thunder Canyon is one of a great trilogy of canyons - Thunder, Claustral and Ranon. The previous weekend some of us had visited Ranon Brook Canyon. Ranon Brook flows into Claustral Canyon and Claustral flows into Thunder Canyon. Claustral is deep and dark and very sustained. The main constriction in Thunder Canyon is shorter but it is deeper and darker than Claustral Canyon.

Above - John on the first abseil at Westerway Falls

Above - Chuin Nee on the first abseil at Westerway Falls

Above - Some of the water in Westerway Falls flows down this drop. Behind the bottom of the waterfall lies the "Glow Worm Cave" - well worth a look.

Above - Glow worm filaments

Above - The incredible sculpted walls of Thunder Canyon

Above - Kate and Stacey heading down the canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - Chuin Nee photographing

Above - canyon formation

We then arrived at the junction of Claustral Canyon. We all ventured up Claustral Canyon to enjoy the splendours it has to offer and to take a few photographs. Some pictures of this excursion can be found here.

Above - We went downstream to "Ol's Overhang" for a late lunch. Here - John and Stacey are cooking jaffles

Above - Col contemplates the "Tunnel Swim" ahead while Chuin Nee climbs down a short tricky drop

Above - The "Tunnel Swim" beckons.....

Above - Looking back up the magnificent Thunder Canyon from below the last technical drop.

Thunder Canyon continues as a high quality constriction for many more kilometres - but we had to leave the canyon and climb out via Rainbow Ravine.

Above - A Google Earth image of our route. The top part was done in car along the Bell Rd. Note that the GPS track is intermittent in the canyon.

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