Ranon Brook - 9 March 2008

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Party - Digi Dave, Chuin Nee, Rob, Yvonne, Annabel, Dave N

It was a nice day - and we decided to visit Ranon Brook Canyon - via Ranon Brook headwaters rather than the shorter route in via Mistake Ravine. The longer route has a very nice section of canyon and features a number of short abseils.

Above - Digi Dave - too fast for the camera! - on the first abseil

Above - Digi Dave at the bottom of the first abseil

Above - Chuin Nee, Digi Dave and Annabel in the canyon

Above - Digi Dave on a short abseil after the junction with Mistake Ravine

Above - Digi Dave abseiling - Chuin Nee watches from below

The climax of the canyon is a set of two wonderful abseils just before the junction with Claustral Canyon. Some people bypass this section and do a single long abseil down the wall of the canyon. The waterfall route is very spectacular and is to be preferred in normal water levels.

Above - Both abseils involve a drop, a swim across a pool and then another drop. Here is Rob on the first of the two abseils - after doing the first drop and the swim - he is sorting out the rope for the second drop.

Above - From below - Yvonne on the first drop of the first abseil in the set

Above - Yvonne - flipping the rope over for the second drop of this abseil

Above - And now Yvonne on the lower drop of the first abseil

Above - Annabel on the second of the abseils in the set

Above - further down

Above - some nice bridging

Above - going down

Above - almost in the pool

Above - not far now

Above - in the water above the second drop

Above - Annabel - walking down to the swim in the common section below the Claustral junction

Above - A small broad headed snake

Above - sunbeams

Above - Annabel, Yvonne and Rob in the canyon

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