Why Don't We Do It In The Road Canyon - 1 December 2007

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This trip was organised through Sydney Univerity Bushwalkers as part of the Festival of Canyons organised by UTSOAC. Originally most of the party were intending to do Claustral Canyon (in two groups) and a smaller group were going to do Why Don't We Do It The Road Canyon. However, a lot of rain just before the weekend meant it would be unwise to visit Claustral - so after discussing some options we all headed down Why Do't We Do It In The Road.

Party - David Forbes, Norm Kelk, Zenek Makaruk, Magda Giraldo, Dan Ryan, John Robens, Chuin Nee Ooi, Peter Raines, Rachel Melrose, Nazzih Chammas, Albert Chetcuti, Imke Zenker, Tom Gleeson ("Mr G"), David Carmichael, Carolin Plate, Nichol Hill, Col Atkinson, Dave Noble

Other visits - January 2005

Above - Setting off from the Fire Station at Mt Wilson. It was cold and wet - so most of the party put on wet suits before setting off.

Above - Heading down to the canyon

Above - Norm, John and Zen at the bottom of the first abseil

Above - Looking down the canyon

Above - Dave C abseils in

Above - Dave C keeps out of the spray and rain

Above - meanwhile, on the other rope - Carolin drops in.

Above - Digi Dave heading down the canyon

Above - Mr G on the second abseil

Above - Digi Dave on the second abseil

Above - Dan(?) on the third abseil

Above - John on the (optional) fourth abseil

Above - Dan swimming through the lower section of canyon

Above - We have lunch in this large dry cave

Above - Rachel photographs this friendly water dragon

Above - The water dragon

Above - The water dragon

Above - The water dragon

Above - John sitting above the Wollangambe River

Above - The party at the lunch cave

Above - We decided rather than head back up the canyon or along the Wollangambe to exit via this narrow ledge to an easy pass

Above - Albert looks at the big rapid in the Wollangambe

Above - Imke on the walk out

That evening most of the people in the party went to the Cathedral Campground at Mt Wilson and joined canyoners from UTSOAC and ANUMC and had a plasant evening sitting around a large fire (thanks to Peter R for trucking in a load of wood the day before)

Next day, a lot of us, and others as well visited  nearby Clatterteeth Canyon in Du Faurs Creek

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