January 26 - Why Don't We Do It In The Road Canyon and Wollangambe Canyon - The Greg Section

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Sam Buchanan, Chris, Luisa Ngeow, Stephen Sheehan, Justin and Stephanie Blows, Dave Noble

What better way to enjoy Australia Day than down a nice cool canyon - recently topped up rain - and then a nice lilo down part of Wollangambe Canyon.

Above - Near the start of the canyon

Above - Luisa on the abseil

Above - Luisa with a yabbie

Above - At the start of the lower constriction

Above- Luisa on the first abseil of the lower constriction

Above - Looking down the canyon

Above - Justin on the second abseil

Above - Looking into the canyon - near the Wollangambe Junction. In the top right is a nice glow worm chamber behind the waterfall.

Above - Inflating lilos. Justin, Luisa and Stephanie

Above - In the Wollangambe. Sam and Stephanie in the foreground. Stephen and Justin on lilos and Chris wading.

Above - Luisa ready to board her lilo

Above- Justin, Stephanie and Stephen on boulders between pools

Above - Justin contemplates the white water

Above - Sam "Mr Bubbles"

Above - Continuing onwards - Sam, Chris and Luisa

Above - Chris has something medicinal

Above - Lunch, Stephen, Luisa and Stephanie

Above - Rock sculpture above our lunch spot

Above - Justin has a siesta. Stephen, Luisa, Sam and Stephanie near the fire

Above - Chris on the right

Above - Stephanie on lilo

Above - Stephen and Luisa on lilos

Above - we pass under this nice waterfall

Above - The boulder block-up

Above - With a swift current the party soon floated away

Above - Canyon formation

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