November 20-21 - Northern Blue Mountains Canyons

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Ashley led a party from SUBW on a nice trip to the Northern Blue Mountains and we visited some nice canyons. The trip was partly exploratory.

Above - The first canyon was nice and dry

Above - wildflower

Above- We then enter the next canyon, at the first abseil. Jo, Ashley, Rob and Yvonne get their gear ready

Above - Jo on the second abseil

Above - Yvonne on the second abseil

Above - Ashley looks down at the junction of another canyon

Above - Jo and Yvonne on the third abseil

Above - We join the new canyon and it starts with a swim

Above - Jo and Rob in the canyon

Above - a canyon snake

Above - Ashley completes a tricky abseil into a pool

Above - a truly beautiful canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above- Ashley pulls up packs over a tricky log jam

Above - Yvonne admires the canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - Rob, Jo, Yvonne and Ashley in the canyon

Above - relaxing after a good lunch in a nice dry cave and near a warm fire. Ashley, Yvonne, Rob and Jo

Above - We climb out

Above - looking back down our canyon

Above - flannel flowers in abundance

Above - flannel flowers

Above - Yvonne walks through a meadow of flannel flowers

Above - a fringe lilly

Above - Yvonne and Rob admire the view

Not long after we camped on the ridge. We had a little bit of rain overnight - but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm for more canyoning the next day.

Above - another canyon. None of the party had been down this one. What lay below?

Above - Ashley in the canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation - the constriction conitinued a long way

Above - canyon formation

Above - Yvonne in the canyon

Above - the canyon had three abseils and a lot of tricky drops like this one that Jo is negotiating

Above - Ashley and Jo enter a dark tunnel

Above - looking back up the canyon

Above - Jo and Ashley in the tunnel

Above - the canyon continues

Above - Ashley looks back to the tunnel

Above - the canyon continued for a long way. It was magnificent!

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