March 20 - 21 - Wolgan Canyon Exploration

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

 In 2003 I was on a trip with Rik, Don and Sarah T where we explored a nice new canyon - but it had another branch that looked even better. So this weekend we returned. Sarah couldn't make it - but Don and Rik came along as well as Ashley, Rob and Carolyn from SUBW and John from ANUMC. I was also shooting digital video on this trip.

Above - the start of the canyon - it looked promising

Above - Further down the canyon

Above - Rik on one of the abseils. A most impressive slot

Above - looking back up the slot. Notice our last belay point

In this canyon - we found some old slings. So we were not the first party down this branch.

On Sunday we explored another new canyon

Above - Ashley on one of the abseils on the new canyon

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