December 26 - 30 - Coorongooba Area Canyon Exploration

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Ashley Burke, Rob Hynes, Don Cameron, Dave Noble

The time between Xmas and New Year is a good one for heading to the Northern Blue Mountains for a multi-day canyoning trip.

Day 1

We walked in to a nice campsite.

Day 2

We climbed up a steep pass and then looked for our first canyon. This was one that another party had been down earlier - but none of us had seen it before.

Above - Looking down the first canyon - it looked good at the start.

Above - the abseil was followed by a tricky downclimb

Above - Looking down the canyon - it looked good, but unfortunately ended just around the corner!

Above - Later that afternoon we explore another short canyon. Ashley and Don set up the rope to abseil down a short drop

Day 3

Above - On day 3, we climb out of the valley

Above - Rob, Don and Ashley

Above - Orchid

Above - Don in the next canyon. This canyon was quite long with lots of abseils. It was one I had been down before - but was new to the others.

Above - Don watches while Rob abseils down a narrow drop

Above - Looking down the canyon

Above - Ashley in the canyon

Above - Don prepares to abseil down a narrow gap between chockstones

Above - Ashley just about to abseil in an abyss

Above - Looking back up the canyon

Above - back on the tops

We headed back to our second campsite via another creek that had short sections of canyon

Above - Ferns

Day 4

We left or campsite via another creek that had sections of canyon - and it was interesting finding a way up. Then we walked accross a broad ridge system. This had been burnt out a few years earlier - and was now a sea of wildflowers.

Above - Checking the maps

Above - a mallee ironbark?

Above - ants at work

Above - Ashley unclips off the rope on the second abseil of our last canyon

Above - The third abseil is down a spectacular drop

Above - Ashley on top of the third abseil

Above - We find this dark satanic slot

Day 5

We walk out back to the car

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