December 4 - Claustral (Calcutta) Canyon

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Chris, Clare, Stacey, Tim, Luisa, Dave, James, Sarah, Tom, Gill

I was concentrating on shooting digital video, but managed to take a few snaps as well.

Some short quicktime movies are available for viewing:

Sarah on the first abseil (2.1 MB)

Luisa on the second abseil (3.3 MB)

Clare on the second abseil (1.3 MB)

Luisa on the third abseil (1 MB)

In the canyon 1 (1 MB)

In the canyon 2 (1.2 MB)

A canyon snake (1.6 MB)


Above - James on the third abseil

Above - Canyon formation. Keyhole Chamber.

Above - Clare on the third abseil

Above - Stacey on the second abseil

Above - The party just below the Ranon junction.

Above - Beams

Above - Tim, Gill, Clare, Luisa

Above - The tunnel Swim - Thunder Canyon

Above - On the way out - on the lookout. Gill, Stacey, Sarah and Luisa

Above - aboriginal sharpening grooves

A selection of Tom's images of the trip can be found here

And James has some photos here

and Chris has his photos here.

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