November 27-28 - Festival of Canyons - Newnes

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UTSOAC had organised a Festival of Canyons for this weekend. Other university bushwalking and climbing clubs in the greater Sydney area were invited, as well as the general canyoning community. I'm not sure how many peole were in attendance - but someone said it was 45. The hot weather and cool nights were perfect for canyoning. Each day - the large group split into a number of smaller parties that visited some of the local canyons.


Above - Breakfast. Clare has a bag of cereal and a tin of baked beans, whilst Luisa has a more modest meal

Above - At the lookout. Luisa, Riah, Max, Markus, Martin, Stephen, Anja, Chris, Jess, Sabs, Vanessa, Borax

Above - Looking down to the Wolgan Valley. Luisa, Riah, Martin and Jess

I was in a party that headed off to do Newnes Canyon (The Amazing Wallaby Tunnel, Starlight Canyon)

Newnes Canyon

Above - Re with warpaint!

Above - the abseil. Luisa and Re, whilst Sabs and Will watch.

Above - In the canyon. Anja, Sabs and Chris. It looks like Sabs has found a hole.

Above - Sabs in the hole

Above - canyon formation

Above - In the canyon

Above - In the canyon

Above - lower down the gorge. Anja, Sabs, Toby, Borax and Clare

Above - Luisa and Will in the gorge

Above - a waterdragon

Above - Clare, Borax, Sabs, Luisa and Re

Above - at the river. Anja, Will, Toby and Luisa

Above - Re finds a swimming hole

Above - cooling off in the river. Luisa, Will and Anja

The Campfire

Above - Sabs quenches her thirst with a small cup of port

Above - Tom. "I'm as sober as a judge" (yes, but which judge Tom?)

Above - Dave, Sabs and Rik

Above - James, Clare, Borax, Toby, Ashley and part of Luisa

Above - Borax, Rik, Sabs, James (pouring a glass of water for) LouLou and Tom

Above - James, Ashley, Dave, Sarah and Rob

Above - Sabs in action

Above - Scott and Martin join in

Above - Ashley prefers a "hands off" approach

Above - whose hands are these on James?

Sunday - Devils Pinch Canyon

Above - the upper constriction

Above - the upper constriction

Above - the lower constriction

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

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