Yodellers Range - Day 1 - Stage 4

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We left the farm and climbed up onto one of the Cats Ears. On the way we found many Grevillias in flower. Below is one of them.

Above - From the Cats Ear we could look east and see the thin ridge leading to the other Cats Ear and behind that the massive headwall of Mt Morgan (The Geryon - SUBW name, 1976)

Above - an umfamiliar type of Trigger Plant - later we saw these growing in fairly big bushes.

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain - the closer you get the more complex it gets

Above - And the rest of the range is pretty complex too

Above - Lisa, Brian and Rik look towards the Christmas Pudding andWedding Cake Mtn

Above - this amazing causeway connects up the Christmas Pudding to the two Cats Ears

Above - Two of the party just visible on the causeway

Above - It was a very hot day - and we were glad to find this nice cool cave to have lunch. It had a fantastic view and a nice cool breeze flowing through it

Above - just across the valley - Mt Morgan

Above - Brian looks down at the Pile of Poop

Above - looking along the range

Above - But looking down we first have to cross this deep chasm. It is as though somebody has cut the range with a thin knife (this is a re-occuring theme in the range)

Above - Rik starts the abseil into the chasm

Above - Brian on the abseil

Above - We find a new and much more direct route on the Pile of Poop - thanks to Brian for leading a tricky bit.

Above - Brian fixing up the rope after our ascent

Above - Looking over to Wedding Cake Mtn

Above - Mt Tindale

Above - Looking back to the Christmas Pudding. You can see the chasm cutting through the range. There is another chasm in front of us.

Above - Rik peers down surveying a way ahead

Above - Rik abseils down to a large side rib of the Pile of Poop. And then we abseiled down a scrubby chimney on the left down to the next chasm. This was our original ascent route back in the 70's - but the chimney was choked with dead vegetation - making for a nasty second abseil.

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