Blue Breaks Walk - Part 1

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Day 1 - Kanangra Walls, Bullhead Range, Cambage Spire, Kowmung River

Above - Kanangra Falls from the Walls

Above - Thurat Spires and Kanangra Deep

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - A recent landslide on Axehead Mountain - viewed from Cambage Spire

Above - Jo and Vanessa scrambling off Cambage Spire

Day 2 - Kowung River, Bulga Range, Byrnes Gap, Axehead Mountain

Above - Jo at the campsite on the Kowmung

Above - Trees near the river

Above - Trees near the river

Above - Crossing the Kowmung. The river was still a bit high after recent rain

Above - From Bulga Cone - looking back to the Kowmung - Christies confluence

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves on Bugle Lookout - Bulga Range

Above - Jo on Axehead Mountain

Above - A nice place for lunch - on Axehead Mountain

Above - On top of the landslide on Axehead Mountain. Our pass down off a steep bit is right next to the landslide!

Above - Dave helping Vanessa down the bottom of the pass

Above - Jo and Vanessa at the landslide

Above - The Soapbox on Tonalli Mountain and Mt Colong in the background

Above - Chiddy's Obelisk and Tonalli Mountain

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves near the Sentinel - Axehead Mountain

Above - Vanessa and Jo scrambling on Axehead Mountain

Above - The view north from Toddy Head - Axehead Mountain. In the far distance on the left is Broken Rock Range and Bimlow and (closer) Lacys Tableland on the right. Vengeance Peninsula is on the far right. The pool in the foreground provided our water for the night and the next morning.

Above - Late afternoon lighting - Kowmung Gorge from Toddy Head - Axehead Mountain

Above - Vengeance Peninsula and (right) Bull Island from Toddy Head

Above - Vanessa and Jo check the maps - Toddy Head

Above - the view north

Above - The Sentinel (part of Axehead Mtn) - left and Kowmung Mountain from Toddy Head

Above - Vanessa watches the sun setting over the Kowmung Valley

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