Blue Breaks Walk - Part 2

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Day 3 - Axehead Mountain, Bull Island, Vengeance Peninsula, Green Wattle Creek, Cufflink Pass, Lacys Tableland, Bimlow Tableland

Above - Dawn from Toddy Head - Axehead Mountain

Above - Dawn clouds

Above - Dawn clouds

Above - Jo watches the sun rise

Above - Vengeance Peninsula, Bull Island and Bull Island Peak (Alchemy Mountain) - on the right

Above - Yerranderie Peak and Axehead Mountain

Above - Bull Island Peak and Yerranderie Peak from Bull Island

Above - Jo climbing up onto Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Bull Island, Axehead Mountain and Mt Colong in the far distance

Above - The "Thin Bit" - the knife-edge ridge between Mt Ruthless and Mt Remorseless on Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Vanessa and Jo scrambling across the thin bit

Above - Jo takes a leap

Above - Vanessa and Jo scrambling up the top or Cuff-link pass on Lacys Tableland

Above - looking back at Vengeance Peninsula. The chimney in the cliff on the right provided part of the pass up the cliffs.

Above - "the eagles are coming...."

Above - Storm approaching Mt Cloudmaker and the High Gangerang Range. On the distant right are the Wild Dog Mountain, Medlow Gap and Narrow Neck

Day 4 - Bimlow Tableland Traverse

Above - Dawn clouds

Above - Jo looks towards the "Wallicle" - but did not jump out to it

Above - Vanessa on an overhang

Above - Broken Rock Range from Bimlow Tableland

Above - Banksia seed pods

Above - Shoobridge Head - Broken Rock Range

Above - Has Jo lost her head?

Above - a colorful plant

Above - Vanessa finds another nice overhang

Above - The Face of Bimlow

Above - Vanessa and Jo enjoy some nice exposed scrambling

Above - Looking back along Bimlow Tableland. Broken Rock Range (Shoobridge Head) on the right. Green Wattle Creek Valley.

Above - The "Pedestal" - Bimlow Tableland

Above - Vanessa and Jo reading near our campfire in a nice dry camp cave

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