Visit to a New Canyon – 17 January 2015

Tom Brennan, together with Caoimhin, had recently descended what appears to be a new canyon in the Blue Mountains. On his website, he does not say where it is, but there are a few clues in the photos.


It looked like the canyon joined a larger creek and I thought that there would be a good chance that I could recognise that larger creek. It took a while – looking at photos and looking at maps. I eventually found a photo of mine that seemed to match up with the rocks in one of Tom’s photos. From there, it was easy to work out which side creek was the new canyon.


So I set out with Rik, Rob and Dan down that side creek. After a scrubby start, the creek started to drop into a slot. We got the ropes out and started abseiling.


I turned out to be quite a nice and certainly worthwhile canyon. It had five abseils. Between the second and fourth abseils the creek had cut a nice slot.




The last abseil took us down to the larger creek. This was a very nice canyon in its own right and featured a few swims and wades before we found a pass where we could climb out.




A very nice day out in the bush. More photos are on my website here.


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