Bola Creek – Royal National Park – 5 April 2014

With unfinished business from the day before – my photographic activities curtailed by rain, it was good to return while the fungi was still in good condition. Digi Dave came along too.

BolC 29

We walked the 700m down Lady Carrington Drive to Bola Creek picnic area. A lot of other people where out and about looking at the fungi too. It turned out they were from the Sydney Fungal Studies Group – on one of their activities. Some of their members were collecting others were photographing. They gave us a few pointers about the local fungi and pointed out some that we had not spotted.

BolC 5

The highest concentration of fungi were close to the picnic area -a nice patch of moist rainforest. 

BolC 8

Some of the fungi were quite amazing – and we had good conditions for photography using the available light.

BolC 1 BolC 4 BolC 3 BolC 2 BolC 6 BolC 7 BolC 9 BolC 10 BolC 11

Later, I left Digi – who was intending to slowly walk around the Forest Loop, while I headed back upstream up Bola Creek to the region we had been in the week before. This was very rewarding – there were a lot of fungi out in this short section of creek between the two creek crossings.

BolC 12 BolC 13 BolC 14 BolC 15 BolC 16 BolC 17 BolC 18 BolC 19 BolC 20 BolC 21 BolC 22 BolC 23 BolC 24 BolC 25 BolC 26 BolC 27 BolC 28

I then returned to the Picnic Area, then headed back up Lady Carrington Drive to the carpark, then back along the Forest Loop in the reverse direction to meet up with Digi Dave. We made a short detour off the loop down to the Hacking River and then returned to the car.

The Hacking River

The Hacking River

A very worthwhile trip for photographing fungi. A lot more photographs are available for view on this web gallery.

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