Mt Annan – Mountain Biking

During the past two weekends I have spent part of a day on the new mountain bike trails at Mt Annan Botanical Gardens. Last Sunday I went on a ride with Digi Dave and today I went on a ride with Kim. So far there are two loops – one of about 4km for “competent” riders (a technically fairly easy loop) and the second loop – an extension of about 3km is labelled as “intermediate”. This is slightly harder. Both loops are good fun – and if you go out there for a ride – it is easy to do the loops two, three or more times.

There is a page describing the loops on the Mt Annan Botanical Gardens website here

There are plans for a third loop – of about 7km for “advanced” riders some time in the future.

It used to cost $9 to enter the gardens at Mt Annan (by car). The O’Farrell government has recently made it free. Talking to one of ┬áthe rangers there today – he told us this has resulted in visitor numbers increasing about 300%.

Here is my video of the ride –

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6 Responses to Mt Annan – Mountain Biking

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Dave – thanks for the video.Not long moved over from NZ and looking for places to ride with the family. Hard to know what “competent” means so viewing the footage has let me see that – looks like a manageable ride for all of us. thanks

  2. Michael Rensford says:

    Hi Dave. Great video. Haven’t been there before and thinking about enterring an enduro race thing, but Im a newbie to MTB’ing. The track in the video looks very tame, and there seems to be alternative easy tracks whereever there are harder obstacles – is that correct ?


    Michael R

    • Dave Noble says:

      Michael – there are no real hard sections. A few places where you go over logs, you can avoid them by going around them.

  3. Mermaid Boy says:

    I’ve been mountain biking for a few years. Can you join the 2 loops without riding all the we back to the begining?

  4. Dave,

    You video sums up the ride at Mt Annan very nicely!

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