Observing Kingfishers at Nurragingy Reserve – 26 June 2018

I made a third visit to Nurragingy Reserve at Doonside with the principal goal of getting more photos of the pair of Azure Kingfishers that I had observed on my previous visit.

When I arrived at the Reserve, around 8:30 am, there was a nice atmosphere Рthe sun was shinning through some mist that often carpets the Western Suburbs at dawn. The energy of the sun was slowly dispersing the mist. It was certainly nice to watch. 

I could not spot the Kingfishers at first so wandered around photographing some of the other birds.

I spent some time watching one of the Egrets catching fish.

Returning to the pool where I had seen the Kingfishers on the previous visit, I soon spotted one and then waited quietly to watch. It seemed to be hunting for fish – and moving to different perches along the pool – like last time.

After getting a few photos, I moved to  quiet spot near a perch that was often used, and waited. My patience was rewarded, not only by the Kingfisher returning to that perch, but also the second one. Nice!

I spent a fair bit of time in that spot and was able to obtain some better photos than last time. The light was still low – so it was challenging to get action shots of the birds diving and returning with fish.

I also found a few other birds in the Reserve –

It had been a great day out enjoying Nature in the suburbs.

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2 Responses to Observing Kingfishers at Nurragingy Reserve – 26 June 2018

  1. Natalie Testa says:

    So beautiful! May I ask where this small pond is? The times I have gone to nurragingy, I have been not very successful at finding many birds!

    • Dave Noble says:

      The pond I have seen the Kingfishers in on two visits was the long thin pond that ends close to the Lorikeet Walk platform. But talking to one of the workers at the Reserve – he told me he has seen them at other pools – so they probably move around. On my visits – I tend to visit the whole park – several times. Sometimes you see a lot of birds, other times not that may. Early morning is probably best -and when there are not too many people around.

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