La Perouse – Cape Banks Walk – 18 June 2018

This was a walk led by Brian Everingham for the National Parks Association of NSW. On the day, the weather forecast was for rain and wind. We had cold wind, but were lucky to not have any rain for the duration of our walk. Brian was interested in observing some of the management issues for this part of Botany Bay – Kamay National Park.

In the party, as well as Brian were Kathy, Peter, Chris, Mary, Anne-Maree, Margaret and myself. After meeting at La peruse, we first toured some of the French sites – and old grave and an obelisk. 

We then walked out to Congwong Beach.

After visiting the beach, we continued over a small rise on a well defined path (which as done a good job to reduce erosion) to Little Congwong Beach. At both beaches we emptied a few dead pufferfish washed up on the sand.

After the beach, we followed an unofficial track that heads up to the main track to Henry Head and Cape Banks. We all thought that this track should be upgraded to the status of an offical track and erosion control work be undertaken.

We soon joined the main track to Henry Head. This goes through nice Angophora forest. Further along were nice wildflowers, but also section badly infested with invasive weeds.

Asparagas, Bitour Bush and Lantana

At Henry Head are some impressive bunkers, part of the coastal defence from World War II. Perhaps these should be better maintained? Ex-servicemen could be involved?

One of the bunkers now features graffiti of art depending on your view –

We then continued in very blustery wind towards Cape Banks. On the way we stopped to observe some birds. After some discussion, we concluded they were Pacific Gulls.

The track here has been constructed by Randwick Council with money from Orica, but the new work runs out before the hill up to the golf course.

We then did a quick trip out to Cape Banks. it was too windy to stay for long.

Our return trip was north along the coastal cliffs to the old cemetery near the Rescue Helicopter Base. This also provided a sheltered refuge for lunch. After our break we looked at the tombstones and then walked back via the road to La Perouse.

Thanks to Brain for leading an interesting walk.



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  1. andrewt says:

    The gull in flight is a juvenile Kelp Gull (I believe – smaller bill, more streaking, pale collar). The standing gull with the massive bill is an immature Pacific Gull.

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