Fungi at Ferndale Park – 13 June 2018

I thought it may be worth checking out Ferndale Park at Chatswood to see if any fungi was out. Looking at online weather data, it looks like  there  had been around 60 mm or rain in the area a few days earlier.

There was some fungi out, but not that much compared to good conditions. And most of the fungi I found was not that interesting in terms of being colourful species good for photography. But, it has been so dry recently that some fungi is much better then nothing. Also – the fungal abundance at Ferndale Park was much better than that at Wolli Ck the day before. 

Here are some photos of  some of the fungi –

Here are the only waxcaps I spotted, some very small Hygrocybe reesiae –

And I found  nice slime mould –

More photos from the visit together with identifications are online here on my website.

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