Birds at Bicentennial Park – 5 May 2018

I spent an interesting and enjoyable day at the wetlands at Bicentennial Park photographing the birds. Here are some of my photos.

I managed to get a good sequence of a pelican catching and swallowing a fish – 

And more Pelican with fish shots –

Meanwhile, I White faced Heron was wandering around in the grass near the hide –

It stated very still, and then lunged and caught a skink.

Some Superb Fairy Wrens –

One bird that was new to me – a Rufous Whistler –

I had heard its call in the mangroves, and it sounded unfamiliar. So I walked around to one of the wreck observation platforms and was lucky to get a clear shot of it.

Black Winged Stilts –

Red Necked Avocets –

A Great Egret flew down to near the main pond inlet/outlet –

And some shots of a White Faced Heron and a Pied Cormorant-

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