Long Reef and Curl Curl – 9 April 2018

I spent a very pleasant day wandering along the coast from Collaroy to Curl Curl. I was mainly interested to see what birds I could spot – and I did see a reasonable number.

I walked down Collaroy Beach and then out to Long Reef.

The tide was low, so at Long Reef I could venture a fair way out on the rock platforms of the headland. This allowed me to spot some Pacific Golden Plovers, Sooty Oystercatchers, Crested Terns and a Ruddy Turnstone.

It was pleasant out on the headland.

I then proceeded along Dee Why Beach and at the south end I stopped off at the rock pool for a swim. It was becoming quite a hot day (and it turned out to be the hottest April day on record in Sydney). The water is the pool was a very nice temperature.

I then climbed up and followed the coastal track south around Dee Why Head. On my last trip here I had spotted some Peregrine Falcons. I was not so lucky this time. Perhaps too hot for them?

I found a nice shady spot for lunch at the point, and then climbed down the track to the rock pool below the headland.

This was a great place. A relatively quiet pool – and also quite a few birds perched nearby. So I could cool off with a swim, then take a few photos of the birds, then another swim etc. Nice. The birds here were Terns, Sooty Oystercatchers and a few Herons.

I eventually walked to Curl Curl and caught a bus to Manly and ferry back to the city.

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