Dargan Arch, Sunset at Anvil Rock Lookout and Sunrise at Pulpit Rock Lookout 10 – 11 February 2018

After visiting Dargans Creek Canyon, Albert and myself headed to the other side of the railway line to visit Dargan Arch. This is a large sandstone natural arch and is well worth a visit. On a previous visit, I gave instructions of how to find this feature.

We took a few photos of the arch and noted that rock climbing bolts had been removed from it.

After visiting the arch, we headed to Blackheath and called in for some refreshments. We then went out to Anvil Rock Lookout for the sunset. We intended to camp at the nearby Perrys Lookdown.

The sunset was pleasant but not super spectacular.

We were awoken by our alarms going off at 5:45 am the next morning, and then drove the short distance to Pulpit Rock Lookout. This was a short walk from the carpark and provided a nice outlook for sunrise.

There was some faint mist on the floor of the Grose Valley which added to the atmosphere.

What was nice, was a small roll cloud that drifted across from the south west. It passed over with only the slightest amount of rain and departed with a nice rainbow. A good start to the day.

More photos from these visits are online here on my website.

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