More Local Birdlife – Cooks River, Tempe and Barton Park – 10 January 2018

I spent an enjoyable day along the Cooks River looking for and photographing some of the birdlife and other animals.

I started off at Cup and Saucer Creek Wetlands, where I was pleased to see a Purple Swamphen chick. Its parents seemed to be absent and it was quite close to the path at the bridge. It seemed to be very curious of its surroundings and allowed me to photograph it quite close.

I then cycled down the river. Not much at the Boat Harbour, so I continued downstream, but a bike problem meant that I had to return home for a short while. I resumed my photography shortly after near Tempe. I spotted two cormorants fishing in the river. I stopped to observe. One of the cormorants, a Pied Cormorant, came up with a fair sized fish. I then got a series of photographs of it manipulating the fish and then eventually getting it into a position to be able to swallow it.

Next, I rode down to the Tempe Wetlands. There I photographed some of the usual birds. First I spotted the Willie Wagtail fledglings practicing their flying  –

And some of the other birds –

And there were the usual skinks –

I also observed two turtles. This is the first time I have seen them at Tempe Wetlands.

I then rode around Tempe Reserve without spotting anything interesting, and then continued towards Barton Park. At the Eve Street Wetlands, I spotted a lot of ducks and a White Faced Heron –

A little further along, I photographed a pair of small birds that I can’t recall seeing before in this area. I think they are Yellow Rumped Thornbills –

By this time, I was getting hungry so I continued along the cycleway to Botany Bay and stopped for some fish and chips. Not too many birds at the bay except seagulls looking to steal some chips. After this I headed back to the Landing Lights Wetland. On my way back I spotted a Red Rumped Parrot in the grass –

At the Landing Lights Wetland I was able to photograph some of the usual birds. In the Lantana along the creek –

White Plumed Honeyeater

Superb Fairy Wren catches a small insect

And in the pools –

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3 Responses to More Local Birdlife – Cooks River, Tempe and Barton Park – 10 January 2018

  1. Diana Barnes says:

    Some great shots! Have just moved to the area and am looking forward to doing some bird watching. What length lens do you take with you on your excursions?

  2. Kyle says:

    Great shots and neat blog! I initially noticed your “Cormorant vs Flatfish” series here. Wow that looks like a huge fish the bird has caught and appears to nearly fully consumed! It looks like even in the last shot you can see the potential meal stuck (possibly extending all those fins to prevent the slide?) in the cormorant’s long/skinny neck!

    The bird must be hungry, I have never seen an event like this before. I wonder, wouldn’t a fish that size stand a chance of escaping (those sharp fins, biting, wriggling, etc.) the cormorant’s elastic throat/stomach?? It seems hard to imagine the bird could keep such a thing down as a meal!

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