Rocky Creek Canyon – 6 January 2018

The weather forecast for the weekend was for very hot conditions. Albert had suggested a canyoning photographic trip and this seemed like an ideal plan. We decided to visit Rocky Creek Canyon first.

We headed to the carpark at Galah Mountain, and then set off down the side gully to the canyon. As we descended quite a few others were on the way out. Our plan was to stay in the canyon as long as we could – it is a lot cooler than other places!

We reached the canyon around noon, and quickly set of down it. The lighting was very harsh – strong sun and very few clouds. Not the best for canyon photography. But by avoiding places that were in direct sunlight, we managed to photograph parts of the canyon lit by reflected light. Having the rest of the day to photograph meant that if one part was not good for photography when we went down the canyon, then perhaps it would be better when we were on the way out. This way we achieved some reasonable photos.

Most of the time, we had our cameras on tripods.

On our way back up the canyon, we ran into our friends John and Chuin Nee coming down the canyon. With them were there two young sons Jasper (5) and Sebastian (2) and Chuin Nee’s sister and her two kids – Ryan and Amber. All the young ones seemed to be doing very well in the canyon. Jasper had been down the canyon before and was encouraging his younger brother. They both fitted in a small boat for the swims and stayed pretty dry.

A lot of other parties were in the canyon as well. Some only starting off after 4 pm. It was a great haven from the severe heat. It was also a beautiful place to photograph.

More photos are online here on my website.

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2 Responses to Rocky Creek Canyon – 6 January 2018

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Young children and parties setting off that late in the afternoon has me guessing this would be a shorter and easier canyon than Hat Hill….?

    • Dave Noble says:

      The canyon itself is a lot longer (the constricted section) and does involve some scrambles and climbs. It also has a number of very cold long swims. It is also very spectacular. It is perhaps easier to get kids through however – using boats and passing them down the climbs. Hat Hill has the boulder blockages which make taking kids through difficult.

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