Prospect Loop Bike Ride

Late August was a nice time for a ride on the road bike. The route I chose was mainly on city cycleways – a loop of nearly 100km. It went from Dulwich Hill out along the off-road M5 Cycleway and then along Salt Pan Creek to Bankstown. Then a few kilometres of roads to pick up the cycleway near the Chipping Norton Lakes. This took me to Canley Vale and Fairfield. Then along the Orphan Creek Cycleway to Prospect Reservoir.

My route home was along the Water Canal Cycleway to Guildford, then along the cycleway to Parramatta. From there, a few kilometres of road to pick up the Parramatta Valley Cycleway which I followed to Silverwater Bridge. Then through Blaxland Riverside Park to Bicentennial Park at Homebush Bay and finally on the Cooks River Cycleway back to Dulwich Hill.

A Google Map of the ride showing the GPS log can be found here.

More photos of the ride can be foundĀ here.

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