Taronga Zoo – 31 December 2017

I had been feeling a bit off colour during the post Christmas period, and thought that something not too strenuous would be a good way to get outdoors. Taronga Zoo provides a good venue here.

I had no real focus this visit. On my way up the path from the lower entrance, I spotted a large chick wandering around. It was a young Brush Turkey. It is interesting that the parents of these birds do not help their young at all. On  they day they hatch from their egg, hey can fly and find food by themselves.

Further up, I could hear a strange calling noise. It was the two gibbons.

Here are some photos from the Nocturnal House –

And some from the Reptile Section –

Some from the Bird Show –

Here are some more photos from my visit –


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2 Responses to Taronga Zoo – 31 December 2017

  1. chriskoz says:

    What’s the species of red parrots in image 23 (9 from the bottom)?
    I don’t recall seeing them in the wild around here…
    BTW, my question is likely very simple and with today technology (machine learning), it should be possible to drop the image onto a search engine like google, which should recognize the birds and give me an answer. But I don’t know of such service on the web, anyone does?

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