Sassafras Gully Walk – 29 November 2017

I was heading up the mountains. Later in the day, I would be attending a meeting at Springwood, so I thought it would be nice to do a walk in that area first. I got off the train at Faulconbridge and soon found myself on the Victory Track on the way to Sassafras Gully.

Yellow Breasted Robin

I visit this area  lot  during the fungi season, and on those trips often see a lot of birds. But with a micro lens on the camera it is a bit hard to photograph them. So this time I was ready to photograph the birds rather than fungi. But, there was a deafening noise made by cicadas. Lots of cicadas! For a lot of the track it was too noisy to hear bird calls. 

I did spot a few scrubwrens.

White Browed Scrubwren

I also saw a nice Yellow Breasted Robin.

The Victory Track is pleasant walking with towering Turpentines, nice rainforest and lots of wildflowers.

I walked down the Victory Track and soon reached the Sassafras Gully Track. I was also on the lookout for orchids, but none I saw were in flower.

A few more photos –

On the Sassafras Gully Track I spotted a nice Rufous Fantail –

At the Lagoon at the junction with Glenbrook Creek, I stopped for a cup of tea and a swim. The water was very pleasant.

As you cross Glenbrook Creek there is an interesting section of streambed with lots of swirl holes. There are also some grooves that look like Aboriginal sharpening grooves. But I am not sure if they are. Similar grooves can be worn by logs and sticks jammed in the creekbed.

I continued on along the track down to the junction with Magdala Creek, then went up that along the track, eventually arriving at the back of the shops at Springwood.

There were lots of cicadas all the way along Magdala Creek too.

This was a pleasant day in the bush.

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  1. Brad says:

    Hi David,
    Love your photos and descriptions of your adventures. Thanks for sharing.


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