Cooks River Birds – 3 October 2017

I spent a few hours in the afternoon along a short section of the Cooks River photographing some of the birds. I tried to look at the Tawny Frogmouth nest at the Boat Harbour, but some very aggressive Noisy Miners made this difficult. So I departed with alacrity and went to the Dog Area. Here I was able to see a new chick –

The chick was with one parent in the nest. It looked like there may be another  chick in the nest (or an egg?). The other parent was sleeping on a a different branch in the same tree. Here is another  photo of the Tawnies – 

As well as the Boat Harbour, I also visited the Cup and Saucer Creek Wetland and nearby areas of the river. Here are some photos of the other birds –

One strange thing I saw was this magpie with a strange object attached to it –

Does anyone know what is going on here?

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