A Day on the Harbour – 28 September 2017

This was a very enjoyable day spent on the some of the Ferries in Sydney Harbour. I was not able to visit all the wharfs of Sydney, but I did visit all the major routes during the day.

I caught a train to Circular Quay. When I arrived, the shortest wait would be for the Manly Ferry, so that became my first journey. Always a pleasant cruise, I travelled to Manly and had time for a short walk before catechin the same ferry back. I was pleased to bump into an old work colleague (another retired teacher) – Steve, at Manly.

After returning to the Quay, my next trip was out to Watsons Bay. At the Bay, I did the short walk to the Gap and the nearby reserve before catching the next ferry back to the Quay. On previous visits to Watsons Bay, the Ferry stopped at Garden Island, Double Bay and Rose Bay on the way, but this time it was an express service both ways.

Next I caught the Rivercat to Parramatta. It made many stops on the way, including Barangaroo and Cockatoo Island. This is a very pleasant journey right up to the Harbour to Rydalmere and then slowly up the Parramatta River to Parramatta.

On the way up to Parramatta, it is hard not to see all the recent high rise housing developments along the way.

I got off the ferry at Parramatta Wharf and then caught it back to Barangaroo. on the way, it was interesting to see some of the local birds being harassed my other birds –

Also interesting to look out for is the¬†old and very tiny convalescent hospital at Concord –

Update РJacob Grossbard has recently informed me that this interesting old building is not a hospital, but was once a ferry terminal for a private residence Рan estate owned by Thomas Walker. This estate is now the grounds of the  Rivendell Special School.

And the still running old car ferry between Putney and Cabarita –

And Cockatoo Island again –

I then had a short wait for a short ferry journey to Pyrmont Bay, Balmain East, McMahons Point and Milsons Point and back to the Quay.

Next was another short journey to Taronga Zoo wharf and back. Two more trips remained. The first was across the harbour and up to Mosman Bay. This ferry stopped at Cremorne and other places on the way. On the way back to the Quay, there was a nice sunset.

The last trip, was another short journey, this one in the early evening, to Kirribilli, North Sydney and Neutral Bay and back.

This was an interesting and pleasant day spent exploring parts of Sydney.

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