Mountain Biking – The Old Great North Road

The Old Great North Road is a great venue for mountain biking. Chris and Clare invited me to join them for a ride starting at Wisemans Ferry.

We rode up the old road for 13 km to where it meets the electricity access fire trail. This section is excellent riding. After an initial ascent, the road is quite rough – providing entertaining mountain biking. Its is mixture of short technical sections – usually nothing too hard and separated by faster, sweeping level sections. It is great fun.

When we joined the fire trail, we followed along it (it follows the original Old Great North Road formation) past a monastery to Clares Bridge, where we had a snack. Then we returned the same way. A nice day out on the bikes. A total distance of about 35 km.

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  1. That looks a great day of mountain biking. 35km wow that’s a great distance to see some great sights and also bike on some varied terrain.

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